The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Depression

Waking up in the middle of the night and gasping for air along with consistent snoring might be more of a problem than you think.  It probably doesn’t leave you thinking about much else other than your physical health.  It certainly doesn’t lead you to think about being at risk for depression. Studies show you […]

A Scientific Approach to Happiness

Doctor checking x-ray results

Fotuhi Friday Talks: Is There Science Behind our Happiness? Fotuhi Friday Talks: Is There Science Behind our Happiness? Neurology is my passion, and today, I want to share with you some interesting facts about how you can use your brain power to increase your happiness and quality of life. Once you grasp these principles, you […]

Brain Coaching To Stop The Aging Process

Memory Games for Adults: How Brain Coaching Helps You Defy Aging 50 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, according to the Alzheimer Association. Alzheimer and dementia are often used interchangeably. However, dementia is not a disease but a syndrome that describes a group of diseases that affect mental cognition. Alzheimer’s happens […]

Brain Coaching: What is it and How Does it Work?

learn what brain coaching is and why it works

What Is Brain Coaching: A Beginner’s Guide The Importance of Brain Fitness Brain fitness is the idea that, like our bodies, our brains need regular exercise to stay healthy. Just as you would have trouble running a mile if you hadn’t done so in five years, you’ll have trouble learning new things as you age […]

Does Diet Slow The Aging Process?

reduce aging through diet

Excessive activity of the immune system in the form of inflammation in the brain contributes to memory loss with aging and the development of Alzheimer‘s disease. A Mediterranean diet can be helpful as it has been shown to reduce the inflammatory process in all of our body organs.  The ingredients that are particularly powerful include […]