Q&A: Kids!

Dr Fotuhi is here to answer your common questions about kids, concussions, brain health, nutrition, and sleep!

Keep Calm & Get Some Headspace

Some stress and anxiety is normal, but feeling permanently in ‘fight or flight’ mode is not. Studies show that meditation can help.

What Social Media Does to Your Brain

What you do each day can change our brain’s structure and how it processes information. So what is social media actually doing to our brains?

How to Keep Your Brain Young

Exercising your body as you age comes with many benefits, such as helping with preventing heart disease and decreasing risk for falls, back pain, and strokes – among many other benefits. Just as there are advantages to exercising your body as you age, exercising your brain is also proven to benefit you, according to brain […]

Memory Loss Happens to Healthy Young People Too

If you have ever found yourself standing at your open refrigerator with a laundry basket full of clothes in your hand, unsure of why you were there in the first place, you might blame getting older for your forgetfulness. But the truth is, not all memory loss problems are necessarily age related as these problem […]

4 Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

We don’t only lose muscle over time. Our brains also atrophy or waste away. This can adversely affect your brain’s cognitive reserve, or its ability to tolerate neurological damage associated with aging and other factors without increased evidence of memory loss or slowing can diminish over the years too. This can make it harder to […]

Brain Coaching To Stop The Aging Process

Memory Games for Adults: How Brain Coaching Helps You Defy Aging 50 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, according to the Alzheimer Association. Alzheimer and dementia are often used interchangeably. However, dementia is not a disease but a syndrome that describes a group of diseases that affect mental cognition. Alzheimer’s happens […]

Fotuhi Friday Talks: What Causes Memory Loss?

first fotuhi friday

Fotuhi Friday: Learn What Causes Memory Loss This Friday the Neuro Grow team discussed what causes memory loss with Dr. Fotuhi. So, what does cause memory loss, and how can you stop this process and avoid Alzheimer’s disease in the future? Today’s goal is to boost your memory, improve its performance, and grow your brain! […]