Everything You Need to Know About qEEG Testing

qEEG Testing 101: What Is It and How Does It Work?  Do you have concerns about your brain functions such as memory, attention, sleep, or anxiety? Do you know someone with a brain condition? Chances are that you answered Yes to one or both questions. Though brain-related conditions are widespread, most of them are treatable.  […]

Brain Fitness: Why It’s So Important for Mental Health

What Brain Fitness Does for Mental Health Neuroscience reports that our brain function peaks between ages 16 and 25, then cognitive decline begins. Well, that’s that. It’s all downhill from here. Cheer up! Brain Fitness Programs to the rescue. President John F. Kennedy focused the country’s attention on increasing physical fitness in the 1960s. Most […]

Stay Positive: Reducing Depression Symptoms Through Neurofeedback

Combat Depression With Neurofeedback 322 million people worldwide suffer from depression and more women are affected than men.  Common signs of depression are: Persistent sad or blue mood, Feelings of hopelessness,  Feeling negative about yourself, e.g. a sense of worthlessness Loss of interest in things or people you love, Fatigue, which is an often overlooked […]

Fotuhi Friday Talks: What Causes Memory Loss?

first fotuhi friday

Fotuhi Friday: Learn What Causes Memory Loss This Friday the Neuro Grow team discussed what causes memory loss with Dr. Fotuhi. So, what does cause memory loss, and how can you stop this process and avoid Alzheimer’s disease in the future? Today’s goal is to boost your memory, improve its performance, and grow your brain! […]

Does Diet Slow The Aging Process?

reduce aging through diet

Excessive activity of the immune system in the form of inflammation in the brain contributes to memory loss with aging and the development of Alzheimer‘s disease. A Mediterranean diet can be helpful as it has been shown to reduce the inflammatory process in all of our body organs.  The ingredients that are particularly powerful include […]