Keep Calm & Get Some Headspace

Some stress and anxiety is normal, but feeling permanently in ‘fight or flight’ mode is not. Studies show that meditation can help.

How to Reduce Your Anxiety

Worry and anxiety are perfectly normal and natural aspects of being human. We all go through times when we are more worried than others. Our brains are constantly working, imagining scenarios and futures that will affect us. We make mental plans in accordance with our perceptions and ideas but sometimes we become preoccupied with planning, […]

Brain Biofeedback: A Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Many biological predispositions exist for anxiety and depression. Mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common types of mental disorders. These conditions are debilitating and are associated with considerable costs at an economic, societal, and personal level. Common treatment options for such disorders include pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. But new research shows that medications for […]