The Science of Tantrums

Understanding the underlying physiology of tantrums can better equip you to help your child manage their emotional outbursts.

The Science of Doing Too Many Things At Once

Picture this: You are watching your favorite show on Netflix and you receive a text message. Anxious to see who messaged you, you decide to break your gaze from the show, read the message, type a response, and click “send.” It’s only after shifting your attention back to the show that you realize that you […]

How to Grow Your Brain

If you could choose to have a bigger, higher-functioning brain, would you? While it will never be possible for you to achieve a brain size that resembles that of the villain Megamind, it would be possible for you to promote slight growth in specific brain regions. Take a moment to think of all of the […]

Why White Matter Matters for Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

When we think of the brain, most of us think of the grey matter that makes up the blanket-like outside layer of the brain – called cortex. Grey matter has long been attributed to the higher functions of the brain, including learning and perception. Another critical part of the brain is the White Matter, which […]

4 Myths About Concussions Explained

A concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) can jolt the brain for a few seconds. The effects are usually temporary but can last for weeks to months after the incident that caused the concussion. Symptoms associate with concussion include headaches and difficulty concentrating as well as trouble with balance, memory and coordination. […]

Staying Calm during COVID-19

With the increasing number of reported outbreaks of COVID-19, accompanied by disrupted routines as schools, workplaces, and businesses close in response, anxiety around the globe is mounting. Anxiety can be thought of as a “future oriented emotional state that is experienced by all humans to varying degrees” (Grupe & Nitschke, 2013). Anxiety in response to […]

Can Neurofeedback  Help You Have More Empathy?

Science has come a long way in improving our lives, from helping us to address problems within our bodies by finding a way to develop means of prevention to keep illness at bay and to create prosthetics to make body parts work again that previously became unworkable. But what about changing the inside of our […]

Scientific Secrets for Staying in the Honeymoon Phase

Many people ardently search for the one, looking for that perfect person who they can share their lives with, without reaching disillusionments of boredom or apathy. Is it possible to find relationships in which we can remain passionate through the test of time? Disagreements happen in nearly every romantic relationship. Over 90 percent of couples […]